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Eight’s Armory is a woman-owned business backed by the thin blue line. We opened our doors in 2016 and have been steadily growing in the Rochester Metro Area ever since. Our customer base started as the Law Enforcement community then friends and family of LEO to anyone and everyone! We’ve kept our prices low not only for the LEO’s but for everyone else as well. We are supporters of Law Enforcement Officers across the country and a portion of your purchase will go right back into charities support LEO’s.

Stacie is the owner of the business and has taken a hobby and turned it into the place to shop for your firearms needs and advice. A Registered Nurse and a Mother of two and she still finds time to manage the business. Stacie is an NRA instructor and subject matter expert when it comes to gun carrying women who conceal.

The owners better half Mike is a career LEO of 14 years. A large portion of his career has been spent as a firearms instructor, training coordinator and member of his agencies SWAT team. While always learning Mike is a great resource for all your firearms questions from pistols to rifles. Guns will cost you but advice is always free….reach out to us for any firearm related questions you may have.

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We Buy & Sell Used Guns

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Eights Armory buys & sells used handguns, rifles, shotguns, revolvers, and firearm accessories for cash at fair market value.


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Are you looking to have your firearms professionally cleaned by an expert? Look no further. Our firearm expert will make your gun like new.