Calling All Ladies!

Eight’s Armory is excited to announce the opening of a Rochester chapter of A Girl and A Gun

What’s your firearm story?  Which category do you fall in?

  • Have never touched a gun?
  • Shoot every week?
  • Scared of the recoil?
  • (What is recoil?)
  • Firearms instructor?

All levels, all stories welcome!  A Girl and A Gun is a women’s only shooting league.  (Sorry, not sorry, gents).  It was originally established in Texas by women shooters, for women shooters.

The league is designed to take beginners to whatever skill level they wish to achieve and provide experienced shooters with more opportunities.

Whether your goal is to improve your skills, learn more about self-defense or competitive shooting, or learning how to choose the right guns, gear, and accessories, this is the place for you.

Most events are women only, all are judgment-free.

So, how did I get into firearms?

A twisty, turny road for sure.  My family was always a hunting family – fill the freezer in the fall for meals throughout the year. 

Simple, right?  I never had the urge to go sit in the cold (thanks upstate NY) and watch for deer to go by.  It sounded the opposite of fun to me. 

In my 20s, I met this cute guy who was a police officer.   We started dating, he took me shooting and I thought it was pretty fun. 

Fast forward a few years, married with a couple of kids, relaxing on the couch he turns to me and says “I think I could make some extra money on the side cleaning guns with this awesome ultrasonic cleaner.  What do you think?” 

I think I said something along the lines of “go for it.”  Before I knew it, the little cleaning business morphed into a sales business and I was handling all types of guns on a regular basis.

I knew barrel lengths, calibers and everything else that the paperwork required.  I started to figure out which firearms felt good to hold and which ones had high-quality craftsmanship. 

This same cute guy was shooting more and more and having fun and I wanted IN!  So, he took me to the range and taught me some basics. 

I always felt out of place though because he was so good, so fast and when we went with his friends they were way above me with drills and skill, but I still had fun, and I wanted more. 

I took an NRA basic pistol class with some guys we know and loved it. 

One day I needed a stress reliever and didn’t want to run, so I went to the range all by myself! 

And I was so proud of myself, it was a big step for me. 

I did it alone a few more times and realized that I feel so at peace when I’m standing at that line slinging lead downrange. 

It centered me. 

I was hitting the target but wasn’t great, but it didn’t matter.  Then, about a year ago I was approached about becoming an NRA instructor with the guys that I took my original class with. 

I was hesitant because I am in no way a sharpshooter. 

After going back and forth, I thought, why not?!  And I did it.  I learned so much!   I passed, and had fun doing it!

There was still something I was missing through...

…the camaraderie that I see my husband has with his friends. 

I crave that, thrive on it, it makes most things more fun! 

So, I started looking for places to shoot and organizations. 

I wanted to shoot with other women, I can shoot with guys all the time and I still will, but I wanted something of my own.  

I stumbled across A Girl and A Gun, and it looked fun.  When we were in Las Vegas for Shot Show this year, we went to their meet and greet just to see what it was all about. 

And after being in the room for 5 minutes, I KNEW that this is right where I belong.  It wasn’t a bunch of shooters talking about their guns and gear and what’s best.  It was family. 

This group that was facilitators from all over the country was hanging out and catching up like old friends. 

They genuinely cared about each other and what was going on in each other’s life. 

They couldn’t wait to introduce us to everyone in the room.  We were ushered from group to group, introduced and got to know people very quick. 

We talked about business, kids, family, gun laws, weather, conference and everything else. 

It was a magical whirlwind 2 hours and as I was hugging new friends while saying goodbye, I knew that A Girl and A Gun was extra special, and it was the thing I was missing. 

And now, a couple of months later, here we are ready to get started, and I’m so excited about it all!

So, now you’re wondering, how does this work?

What are the details?  This is going to be an ever-evolving club, I’m sure, but we have a few things set up already.  Honestly, we want to cater to our members and what they want, so let us know!

Now that you know what it is?

if you think like me, you are thinking “what is the bottom line?”  How much will it cost?  And really, that is totally up to you!

A Girl and A Gun Membership is $50/year. 

When you become a member of A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League, you join a dynamic sisterhood of women. 

Your membership gives you access to exclusive benefits that can only be provided by an organization with the scale and reach of AG&AG.  

Members of the club are part of a respected group of women in the industry, recognized for their exceptional shooting skills, safe gun handling and support of 2nd amendment rights. 

We have an environment where all women are accepted and encouraged – from recreational beginners to expert-level competitors. 

Events will have a fee associated with them, which will vary depending on the event. 

The fee is basically to cover costs associated with running the event (range fees, supplies, space rental, etc).  

Ladies don’t need to be a member to participate, but there will be a member discount for all fees. 

Fees will range anywhere from $10 and up depending on the event.

Become a Member Today

For more information, check out A Girl and A Gun’s website and register to join us today! 

Questions?  Requests?  Ideas?  Contact me:

By email at [email protected]

on Instagram @agirlandagunrochester

or join our ladies only Facebook group –  A Girl & A Gun Rochester, NY.



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